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Administrative law; It is the branch of public law that examines and regulates the organizations within the public administration and their functioning, relations with individuals and their responsibilities. Administrative lawsuits, on the other hand, are lawsuits filed by individuals with the state or companies before the state. Administrative cases; means filing a lawsuit against the works done by state institutions in the administrative jurisdiction. In lawsuits filed in this way, the legality of administrative actions and transactions is audited, and their appropriateness is not. Administrative cases are brought before the administrative court, tax court or the Council of State.


Our office, which provides professional advocacy and consultancy services in the field of Administrative Law, provides all necessary legal support to our esteemed clients with its staff specialized in this field.


Tax Law; Fiscal Law is a branch of law that regulates the rights and obligations that the state unilaterally imposes on real and legal persons, the penalties that may arise in case of violation of these rights and obligations, and the resolution of disputes.


The legal aspect and order of taxation, the rules of law regarding taxes, their systematic evaluation, interpretation, implementation and resolution of disputes arising from them are the main subjects of tax law. With Article 73 of the Constitution, everyone is obliged to pay taxes according to their financial power in order to meet public expenditures. This field, which requires special expertise due to the wide application area and frequently changing tax legislation, also necessitates having technical knowledge in the field of public finance. Tax Procedure Law, Income Tax Law, Value Added Tax Law and Law on Collection of Public Claims are the basic laws of tax law, and there are many special legal regulations apart from these.


Our firm, which provides professional advocacy and consultancy services in the field of Tax Law, provides all necessary legal support to our valued clients with its specialized staff in this field.

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