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Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law; It is the branch of law that regulates how the debt will be collected if the debtor does not pay its debt. Execution proceedings can be made against the debtor, as well as through bankruptcy if the conditions arise. In the face of unfair execution or bankruptcy proceedings, the debtor party can take legal action and what processes will follow, what legal opportunities the creditor has to collect his debt, how the debtor's goods will be seized and how money will be turned over, the bankruptcy can be requested when the conditions are met. It is essential that companies and companies receive effective legal assistance.


Our firm, which provides professional advocacy and consultancy services in the field of Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law, concludes the execution and bankruptcy proceedings in the fastest way with its specialized staff in order to collect the receivables of you, our valued clients, and provides Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law to individuals and companies that are both creditors and debtors. provides all relevant legal support.

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