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Every day, government agencies and private organizations; They collect, store, process and transfer significant amounts of data about individuals. The development of technology allows people to share and disseminate knowledge worldwide; It causes dangerous situations such as losing control of people's information and using it against them. Protection of personal data is a right that individuals have against unauthorized use of their data by any person or organization. With the adoption of the Law on the Protection of Personal Data No. 6098 (KVKK), a new era has been entered in our country, and the aforementioned Law has given the citizens some rights against the natural and legal persons defined as the data controllers, and has also brought some obligations to the data controllers. These obligations concern especially the IT and human resources departments of companies.


Our office, which provides professional legal and consultancy services in the field of KVKK, provides all necessary legal support to our esteemed clients with its specialized staff in this field.

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