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A contract is a legal transaction that consists of mutual and mutually appropriate declarations of will of the parties to produce a certain legal result. The parties to the contract are called creditors and debtors. As a rule, a contract has at least one creditor and at least one debtor. However, more than one person may be involved in a contract as a creditor or debtor.


Due to the "freedom to make contracts" guaranteed by the Constitution, the parties; It is not limited to the types of contracts in the provisions of the special law, and they are free to express their will in any field as long as it does not violate the general law rules. This situation led to the emergence of contracts other than the contract types included in the laws and the Law of Contracts to emerge as a new branch of law.


Our office, which provides professional advocacy and consultancy services in the field of Contracts Law, provides all necessary legal support to our esteemed clients with its staff specialized in this field.

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