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arbitration; means that the disputes that arise between the parties are resolved not by the official judicial authorities of the states, but by the arbitrators determined by the parties, in accordance with the procedure, place and legislation jointly determined by the parties. Provided that it is agreed by the parties, arbitration can be applied by real and legal persons, as well as by a private person or the state in matters concerning the state. What is essential in arbitration is the will of the parties; Official judicial bodies cannot intervene in the decisions made as a result of the arbitration, as long as they do not contradict some basic principles and principles in the legislation of the place where the arbitration will be held. Thus, the parties can accept a faster and more convenient trial. Arbitration is preferred more and more especially in the field of international trade and is included in contracts.


Our firm, which provides professional advocacy and consultancy services in the field of Arbitration, undertakes the task of defending clients in arbitration proceedings with its specialized staff in this field, and provides all necessary legal support to our esteemed clients regarding the application to arbitration.

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